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  • Blues Guitar & Beyond

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    The most expressive sounds typically come from the blues genre, and you’ll learn how to bend, caress, wail, and everything in between. From the legends of the past to modern greats, we’ll go deep into technique, iconic licks, gear, and channeling your inner blues–we all have it!

  • Music Theory: The Basics

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    If you’re brand new to music theory, this is your first stop. A popular progression for beginners coming from Beginner’s Corner or simply guitar players who have never learned the ins and outs of scales, chords, and the language of music–here’s a hint: it’s not as daunting as you think!

  • Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials

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    The sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar are not overlooked in Guitar Super System. By following these acoustic-forward lessons, you’ll learn everything from staple fingerpicking and strumming patterns to percussive and rhythmic devices.

  • Music Theory: Level 1

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    For those familiar with the bare essentials of music theory but hungry to find their voice on the guitar. You’ll learn to play the seven modes of the Major Scale and the theory behind it, including diatonic chords, triads, arpeggios, key signatures, and most importantly, how to implement these co...

  • Guitar Solo Strategies

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    Learn tactics and approaches to creating your own rhythm and lead guitar parts, from funk to rock to metal. Through understanding how to break down musical parts you're playing over, you can construct the most complimentary and effective contributions to make the best music you can come up with i...

  • The Guitar Gear Guide

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    Learn the nuances of your guitar tone from the ground up and how effects and amps fit in. From the knobs on your axe to the countless styles of amplifiers and guitar pedals available on the guitar gear market, you'll discover new ways to adjust your sound to unlock your potential as a tone-chasin...

  • The Art of Improvising

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    It's one thing to understand what notes are in a scale or arpeggio, but another to actually know how to use them. If I could sum up the goal of Guitar Super System in three words, it's this: Find your voice. As you progress, you won't just learn the "how"–you'll learn the "why".

  • Bending & Vibrato

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    Bending and vibrato are among the two most important, if not THE most important techniques a guitar player can master. Much more important than speed or flashy tricks, a perfectly intonated bend with some sweet vibrato on the end is the most effective musical statement a guitarist can make.

  • The Gypsy Scale

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    The Gypsy scale is somewhat synonymous with the legendary two-fingered guitar master Django Reinhardt. With only one note that separates it from the Harmonic Minor scale, this mysterious and exotic sounding scale will expand the realm of your otherwise more traditional sounding minor blues licks.