Bending & Vibrato

Bending & Vibrato

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Bending and vibrato are among the two most important, if not THE most important techniques a guitar player can master. Much more important than speed or flashy tricks, a perfectly intonated bend with some sweet vibrato on the end is the most effective musical statement a guitarist can make.

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Bending & Vibrato
  • Introduction to Bending & Vibrato

    When you think about bending and vibrato, chances are one of your favorite guitar players comes to mind. For me, it was always Angus Young. That bend he hits during the climax of the Back in Black solo still sends shivers up my spine. No matter what kind of vibrato you like, these tips will help ...

  • Intricate Bends

    Sometimes, the most subtle techniques are the most important. This intricate bending technique is, as its name would insinuate, a very minute movement that has massive impact on phrasing and overall melodic statements.

  • The Gnarly Bending Technique

    Bending and vibrato is perhaps the most important set of techniques to master as a guitar player, as this sound is what really separates the guitar from any other instrument. With that said, there are some special types of bending moves you should explore. Some are more gnarly than others, and ma...

  • The Most Important Guitar Technique

    How many guitar techniques can you name? Legato, alternate picking, trilling, sweep-picking, tapping... it seems our guitar minds always gravitate toward the flashier moves on the fretboard. There is one technique, however, that is often overlooked, but is actually the most crucial to master if y...