Guitar Solo Strategies

Guitar Solo Strategies

You can find all downloadable resources at the end of each curriculum in Guitar Super System, or altogether for use outside the app at

Learn tactics and approaches to creating your own rhythm and lead guitar parts, from funk to rock to metal. Through understanding how to break down musical parts you're playing over, you can construct the most complimentary and effective contributions to make the best music you can come up with in a band context!

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Guitar Solo Strategies
  • Complimentary Lead and Rhythm Guitar Approaches

    Learn to build guitar parts to fit in like musical puzzle pieces. This curriculum follows various approaches to complimenting music that's already in place, such as a backing track or a live band context you might find yourself in. In this particular lesson, we'll examine the funk, blues, and roc...

  • Put This Moveable Lick in Your Solos

    This lick from the previous lesson is a must-pocket for your bag of licks. With the ability to shift this lick to any root minor pentatonic position, it is as versatile as it is nifty.

  • Funk-Soul Jam Track in Fmin

    Take advantage of the triad and scale resources to work through these funky chord changes! Track by Cory Wong (

  • Killer Solo Strategies in Rock and Metal

    It's time to whip out our best Guitar Center licks as we delve into the realm of rock and metal, and the only way to escape is to shred our way out. Be sure to check the Picking curriculum if you'd like more in-depth lessons on the sweep-picking technique in this lesson, and enjoy your new powers.

  • Sick Metal Jam Track in Dmin

    One of the most fun sounds to rip out your best licks over, the Dmin pentatonic scale is your friend, along with a hefty drop D tuning. \M/ Track by @catteonmattneo on TikTok

  • How Effects Can Affect Guitar Parts

    A simple tone can change the way you come up with guitar parts. If you're looking for a way to delve away from traditional licks you may be working with over a certain chord progression or vibe, a guitar pedal or plugin can be a great way to move in the right direction. Track by John Mayer (johnm...

  • Chil Jam Track in Amin

    Wild Blue by John Mayer features one my favorite chord progressions, so grab hold of that A minor Pentatonic scale and hit it.

  • 10 Tips for Titanic Guitar Solos

    Come along as I compose an entire solo start to finish and cut it to tape (so to speak) as this will be the final take for a solo on an upcoming album of mine. Enjoy the tune and put your skills in action to create your own guitar solo over my track at the end.

  • Titanic Jam in Ab Minor

    It's time to rip your best solo over my track. Ab Natural Minor and your ear are the two foundations you can rely on, and I look forward to putting the finished product of this music out into the world soon ;)

  • Major+Scale+Modes+3+Notes+Per+String.pdf

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  • Minor-Pentatonic-Scale-Positions.pdf

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  • Closed-Triad-Inversions.pdf

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  • Moveable-Lick.pdf

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  • Funk-Soul-Jam-Track-in-Fmin.mp3

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  • Sick-Metal-Solo-Tab-PDF.pdf

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  • Sick-Metal-Jam-Track-in-Dmin.mp3

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  • Chil-Jam-Track-in-Amin.mp3

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  • Titanic-Jam-in-Ab-Minor.mp3

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