Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials

Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials

You can find all downloadable resources at the end of each curriculum in Guitar Super System, or altogether for use outside the app at

The sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar are not overlooked in Guitar Super System. By following these acoustic-forward lessons, you’ll learn everything from staple fingerpicking and strumming patterns to percussive and rhythmic devices.

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Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials
  • Fundamental Differences Between Acoustic & Electric Guitar

    There are plenty of ways the acoustic guitar differs from its electric counterpart. In this lesson, we’ll detail the affects of string tension and gauge, as well as pick types, body shapes, wood material, and so much more. If you’re interested in any of the products I recommend in this video, lin...

  • Picking vs. Fingerpicking on Acoustic Guitar

    There are advantages and disadvantages to fingerpicking versus using a guitar pick, and those differences are especially apparent on an acoustic guitar. Regarding guitar picks, the pick gauge and material will have a noticeable impact on the guitar tone, as you’ll hear in this lesson. In general,...

  • Moveable Chord Shapes That Sound Great on Acoustic Guitar

    While these moveable shapes will obviously sound great on electric guitar as well, the ringing open strings of an acoustic guitar are highlighted in their resonance and warm, organic sound with these chords. Be sure to download the PDF attachment to practice these chords on your own.

  • 4 Popular Strumming Patterns for Acoustic Guitar

    These strumming patterns are essential to apply to any chord progression you can think of.

    Some tips to keep in mind

    Your strumming hand should constantly be moving

    Keep your wrist loose

    Use a thin pick gauge

    Be sure to memorize the patterns (also available as attachments to this section an...

  • 5 Popular Fingerpicking Patterns For Acoustic Guitar

    Like the strumming patterns from the previous lesson, these fingerpicking patterns will serve you well no matter what chords you choose to apply to them. Prepare to work on your individual finger dexterity and enjoy the lovely skill of being able to pick up any guitar and play it, even if there’s...

  • Simple Acoustic Songs To Build Your Repertoire

    If you struggle with chord transitions, try taking your hand away from the guitar neck, and then bringing it right into the chord position. These songs are great to practice for this, and should be in every guitar player’s repertoire, no matter their skill level or musical taste. Each tune contai...

  • Advanced Fingerpicking Patterns for Acoustic Guitar

    If you’re looking to turn heads, these advanced fingerpicking patterns will certainly do the trick. These will take some time to master, but once you have them under your fingertips, you’ll be on your way to acoustic guitar mastery, as these patterns are used by some of the greatest to ever do it.

  • Lead Playing Tips for Acoustic Guitar

    Lead guitar playing is not something you typically think of when you think about acoustic guitar playing. However, there are some great tactics you can employ to flip that stigma on its head. Replacing bends with slides, percussive sweeps and rakes, and generally playing less can yield results yo...

  • Acoustic Backing Track in C# Minor

    This backing track is in C# Minor, and you can have a great time working through the C# Minor Pentatonic Scale, C# Aeolian Mode, or the E Lydian Mode. If you have questions about any of these sounds, check out the Music Theory Level 1 curriculum.

  • 10 Acoustic Songs Every Guitarist Should Know

    You’ve reached the final lesson in the Acoustic Guitar Techniques and Essentials curriculum, and what better way to cap off your learning than by putting your skills into action? While your list of essential acoustic songs might look a bit different from mine, I promise you I’ve put a lot of time...

  • Acoustic Backing Track in C# minor MP3

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  • Basic Fingerpicking Pattern 1

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  • Basic Fingerpicking Pattern 2

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  • Basic Fingerpicking Pattern 3

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  • Basic Fingerpicking Pattern 4

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  • Basic Fingerpicking Pattern 5

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  • Strumming Pattern 1

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  • Strumming Pattern 2

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  • Strumming Pattern 3

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  • Advanced Fingerpicking Pattern 1

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  • Advanced Fingerpicking Pattern 2

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  • Advanced Fingerpicking Pattern 3

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  • Moveable Open Chord Shapes

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  • DADGAD Scale Positions

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