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The Ultimate Learning Tool for Guitar

Guitar Super System is the premier online guitar education platform, featuring world-class instruction, professional cinematic resolution, and a variety of styles and approaches to help you reach the peak of your guitar-playing potential. With tens of thousands of students enrolled and thousands of five-star reviews, this platform is perfect for improving your guitar playing at any level.

A Complete Guide to Music Theory

Concepts extracted directly from Berklee College of Music, presented in an interactive, effective, and fun way! Including high-quality backing tracks and downloadable PDF resources, this curriculum is designed to help you find your own voice on the guitar, from total beginners to highly advanced players.

Hone Your Technique

Featuring a variety of methods and approaches drawn from pioneering guitar players of today, you'll not only learn and execute techniques like sweep picking, legato, tapping, and more–you'll understand how to actually use them in your own guitar playing.

In-Depth Genre Studies

From metal to jazz to blues and everything in between, you'll learn key concepts of various music styles from the very beginning. You'll not only discover new genres, you'll find out how different gear can be used to your advantage to achieve that sound you're chasing.

Songwriting & Acoustic Essentials

The sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar are not overlooked in Guitar Super System, as you'll learn various approaches that differ from the electric guitar. Various genres, eclectic approaches, and basic fundamentals will also help us tackle the extremely subjective topic of songwriting in a variety of styles.

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