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Watch this video and more on Guitar Super System


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Advanced Fingerpicking Patterns for Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials • 9m 8s

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    Lead guitar playing is not something you typically think of when you think about acoustic guitar playing. However, there are some great tactics you can employ to flip that stigma on its head. Replacing bends with slides, percussive sweeps and rakes, and generally playing less can yield results yo...

  • Acoustic Backing Track in C# Minor

    This backing track is in C# Minor, and you can have a great time working through the C# Minor Pentatonic Scale, C# Aeolian Mode, or the E Lydian Mode. If you have questions about any of these sounds, check out the Music Theory Level 1 curriculum.

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    You’ve reached the final lesson in the Acoustic Guitar Techniques and Essentials curriculum, and what better way to cap off your learning than by putting your skills into action? While your list of essential acoustic songs might look a bit different from mine, I promise you I’ve put a lot of time...