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Picking vs. Fingerpicking on Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Essentials • 7m 18s

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    While these moveable shapes will obviously sound great on electric guitar as well, the ringing open strings of an acoustic guitar are highlighted in their resonance and warm, organic sound with these chords. Be sure to download the PDF attachment to practice these chords on your own.

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    These strumming patterns are essential to apply to any chord progression you can think of.

    Some tips to keep in mind

    Your strumming hand should constantly be moving

    Keep your wrist loose

    Use a thin pick gauge

    Be sure to memorize the patterns (also available as attachments to this section an...

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    Like the strumming patterns from the previous lesson, these fingerpicking patterns will serve you well no matter what chords you choose to apply to them. Prepare to work on your individual finger dexterity and enjoy the lovely skill of being able to pick up any guitar and play it, even if there’s...