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How to Improve Your Guitar Tone for $0

Tips, Licks, & Extras • 4m 6s

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    How would you respond to this question: “What’s the hardest thing you know on guitar?”

    Some people might whip out their flashiest sweep-picking lick. Others may show off their slickest two-handed tapping pattern. Those are both valid replies, but when I was asked that question by a student in th...

  • The Chord Flourish Technique

    The early roots of this technique can be traced back to Hendrix, but modern guitar players like Instagram-sensation Mateus Asato have taken this concept to another level. With a simple barring mechanism and a basic understanding of scales, you'll find an entirely new sound is available to you.

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    After dialing in this saturated, harmonic-ridden distortion tone, these were the licks that came out. The fun thing about blues licks is they can fit in a lot of different places depending on the music you’re playing with, and depending on how much gusto you imbue, they will always sound good. Us...