Tips, Licks, & Extras

Tips, Licks, & Extras

You can find all downloadable resources at the end of each curriculum in Guitar Super System, or altogether for use outside the app at

This section can be taken in any order, and is meant to inspire new music inside you. Using techniques you'll learn in Guitar Super System (or techniques you may already know), we'll make some music and have some fun with these eclectic lessons from all across the guitar map. These lessons will fill in the gaps to cover important parts of rock guitar playing that are a bit more abstract, such as practice methods, defeating guitar discouragement, tone tips, and much more. This is a treasure chest of great information, so return to it often!

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Tips, Licks, & Extras
  • The Challenging Stretchy Lick

    As I was filming a previous lesson in Guitar Super System, I came across this lick from one of the solos I improvised, and turned it into an exercise! You can move this lick all over the fretboard (where you can manage the stretch) as it is a universal lick that will adapt to whatever key you’re ...

  • How to Improve Your Guitar Tone for $0

    While new gear can be a temptation for guitar players struggling to find their voice on the instrument (or, simply, a great way to get excited about your music), I’ve found there is no substitute for little nuances that can shape our sound in ways that won’t cost us a penny. Tone is in the finger...

  • Guitar Practice Routine

    How would you respond to this question: “What’s the hardest thing you know on guitar?”

    Some people might whip out their flashiest sweep-picking lick. Others may show off their slickest two-handed tapping pattern. Those are both valid replies, but when I was asked that question by a student in th...

  • The Chord Flourish Technique

    The early roots of this technique can be traced back to Hendrix, but modern guitar players like Instagram-sensation Mateus Asato have taken this concept to another level. With a simple barring mechanism and a basic understanding of scales, you'll find an entirely new sound is available to you.

  • 5 Slick Blues Licks

    After dialing in this saturated, harmonic-ridden distortion tone, these were the licks that came out. The fun thing about blues licks is they can fit in a lot of different places depending on the music you’re playing with, and depending on how much gusto you imbue, they will always sound good. Us...

  • 5 Fancy Fingerpicking Patterns

    These patterns will provide you with a one-way ticket to Fancy Town. While I deliver the techniques on an acoustic guitar, you can be sure these will work on an electric guitar as well, and you'll also be glad to know you can apply these patterns to any chord varieties your mind can cook up.

  • The Legendary Chord Progression Guitar Gods Use

    There is one specific chord progression that has been called upon by legendary guitarists and bands throughout time, from Hendrix to Zeppelin to Aerosmith, and many more since. This harmonic landscape is responsible for emoting some of the most distinct and timeless moments in music history, and ...

  • Lydian Licks to Inspire You

    Lydian is a magical, dreamy mode... here are some tricks to use it effectively. Each mode of the major scale has its own defining characteristic which is achieved by highlighting specific notes over the various chords in a progression. Lydian happens to be the "dreamy" sounding mode of the major ...

  • 5 Small Guitar Tips That Make a Huge Impact

    If I knew all these tips when I was a budding guitarist, I'd have progressed much quicker. I hope these approaches help you!

  • Flashy Guitar Tricks That Are Easier Than They Look

    While playing guitar isn’t just about impressing your friends and family, it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve, if nothing else to have fun playing the instrument. While these flashy, razzle-dazzle techniques seem impressive to the listener, they’re actually not as difficult as th...

  • Perfect Guitar Tone

    Perfect guitar tone doesn't have to be a myth. In fact, it's right under your fingertips.

  • Practicing When You Don't Want to Practice

    Practice doesn't have to be standard. You don't need always need to rely on a metronome to become the guitar play you want to be, because unless you're Steve Vai (are you reading this, Steve?), nobody can practice with a metronome all the time. Instead, try these tips!

  • Tight vs. Loose Guitar Playing

    The subtle nuances of tight and loose guitar playing are sometimes difficult to distinguish, but essential to master if you want to be the most expressive player you can be. I'll show you a few tips and tricks to differentiating the feel of your playing to achieve both variations, so you can have...

  • Lies You've Been Told About Music Theory

    Sometimes, we make excuses as to why we don't need to do something, even if, deep down, we know that thing is probably good for us. "I can't eat a healthy lunch today, I don't have time for all that meal prep–I'll just stop in here for some fast food" or "I don't even feel that tired–how about on...