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Reverb: The First Guitar Effect

The Guitar Gear Guide • 2m 47s

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  • Analog & Digital Delay

    Delay is a time-based effect that replicates your guitar signal and plays it back one or multiple times after a period of time. That period of time (often labeled as Time) and the number of times it’s played back (often labeled Repeats) depends on the delay pedal itself.

  • The World of Modulation

    Modulation is an umbrella term that refers to effects that modulate your guitar signal in various ways, and these effects include Tremolo, Phasers, Flangers, and Chorus/Vibrato. It’s important to note that modulation itself is not an effect, but rather the process by which an effect is produced. ...

  • How Filters Work

    Just like EQ does, filters change your guitar's frequency and result in squeezed or expanded effects based on your manipulation of the tool you're using, be it a wah pedal, envelope filter, or something else.