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Analog & Digital Delay

The Guitar Gear Guide • 4m 12s

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  • The World of Modulation

    Modulation is an umbrella term that refers to effects that modulate your guitar signal in various ways, and these effects include Tremolo, Phasers, Flangers, and Chorus/Vibrato. It’s important to note that modulation itself is not an effect, but rather the process by which an effect is produced. ...

  • How Filters Work

    Just like EQ does, filters change your guitar's frequency and result in squeezed or expanded effects based on your manipulation of the tool you're using, be it a wah pedal, envelope filter, or something else.

  • The Strangest Guitar Effects

    Effects aren't meant to cover up mistakes, but sometimes covering up your guitar signal with wild and wacky sounds can be just what you're looking for in your music.