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Harmonic Minor Scale Playing Examples

Music Theory: Level 3 • 2m 33s

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    Wrapping your fingers around scales can be a little frustrating in the beginning stages, especially when you're trying to find your voice on the guitar, but still enjoy what you're hearing. In Guitar Super System, I use a strategy called “home riffs” to broaden the comfort zone of an improvising ...

  • The Altered Dominant Sound (part 1)

    The Altered Dominant "scale" is actually just a mode shape of the Melodic Minor scale. The reason it's thought of as it's own tonality may have something to do with the ergonomics of the shape, or the accessibility of the interval arrangement of that particular position being more useful in a tra...

  • The Altered Dominant Sound (part 2)

    While the Altered Dominant sound is actually a mode from the Melodic Minor scale, you'll hear how it can be equally useful when thought of as its own entity. Now that you have the Melodic Minor Scale positions under your fingers, dive deeper to put your the seventh position, the Altered Dominant ...