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The Altered Dominant Sound (part 2)

Music Theory: Level 3 • 7m 54s

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  • Introduction to Spread Voice Triads

    Spread voice triads are not exactly like jelly–you don't spread them over things. On the contrary, they're more like hot sauce, as they are applied in a more "dashing" motion. Okay, now I'm getting hungry... but not for hot sauce jelly. Essentially, spread voice triads are chords, just with piece...

  • Spread Voice Triad Exercises

    The teachings in this lesson are the foundation for higher education in music, and the concept is simple: triads. Triads are the foundation for chords, which in turn means they are extremely important to be aware of as you construct your music, whether that is through songwriting, improvising, or...

  • Learning Spread Voice Triads with Hen...

    As many of you probably know, Jimi Hendrix was a big fan of triads, in all their iterations. Spread voiced triads are especially useful when you want a bit more open sounding compliment to the music happening around you.