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7 Modern Chord Progressions

Music Theory: Level 2 • 2m 31s

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  • The Most Epic Chord Change Possible

    What is the most epic chord change you know? I offer my own opinion in today's lesson, where the chord change is also one of the most simple. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should learn about intervals. While there is no correct answer to what the most epic chord change is, these...

  • The 5 Most Useful Power Chords

    Some guitar players earlier in their journey may know one or two power chords, but there are actually many useful variations of these shapes which I'll show you in this lesson.

  • Beautiful, Moveable Open-String Chords

    You've heard of clickbait, right? Well, this title is the opposite of clickbait. In this lesson, I'll show you open-string chords that are moveable, and sound beautiful. Sometimes all it takes is one chord or even one note to inspire you, so hopefully that happens today.