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The 5 Most Useful Power Chords

Music Theory: Level 2 • 9m 25s

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  • Beautiful, Moveable Open-String Chords

    You've heard of clickbait, right? Well, this title is the opposite of clickbait. In this lesson, I'll show you open-string chords that are moveable, and sound beautiful. Sometimes all it takes is one chord or even one note to inspire you, so hopefully that happens today.

  • Using Arpeggios to Improvise (demonst...

    Arpeggios are not just a flashy trick for shred lords. They are an extremely useful tool for any guitar player, no matter what genre of music you prefer. In this lesson, I demonstrate how using arpeggios can help you navigate through difficult chord changes by outlining essential chord tones to f...

  • ARP Arpeggio Practice Video Backing T...

    A chord progression derived from Melodic MInor, use Arpeggio shapes over this track to practice your own improvised soloing. You can use Triad Arpeggios depending on the tonality (major, minor, augmented, diminished) of the chord, and it is best to start with playing the shapes verbatim to begin ...