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Understanding the Parts of Your Guitar

Beginners Corner • 2m 58s

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  • How to Read Tablature

    Reading tablature, also known as tabs or TAB, is a very important skill to have for beginning guitar players. TAB is a great way to begin your quest of learning different music and a new language used by millions of guitar players around the world. You’re going to be very surprised at just how qu...

  • Building a Chord Repertoire

    Now we’re going to learn some more chords to continue building your repertoire of chord knowledge. With each of the new chords we’re about to learn, keep in mind the rules in of successfully playing a chord. Once you have your finger strength built up from the chords you learn in this lesson, I h...

  • Simple Chord Technique

    There are three rules to successfully playing a chord, and the first rule is to make sure you’re pressing your fingertips down on the strings hard enough so each note of the chord ring out evenly without being muffled. This is why finger strength is so important — if you don’t press down hard eno...