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Muting Technique

Beginners Corner • 1m 59s

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  • Chord Switching Practice

    Now that we have some more chords in our pocket, let’s apply the strumming patterns from a previous lesson to create some awesome new chord progressions for you to practice. As always, start slow with your metronome, and slowly increase the tempo as you get comfortable with the chords.

  • Essential Strumming Patterns

    Without a solid foundation of rhythm, music is not really music at all… it’s just noise. Developing a strong sense of internal rhythm starts with practicing simple patterns with a metronome. From there, you can either speed up or, what’s sometimes even harder, slow down the tempo. Pattern #1 will...

  • Power Chords!

    You’re going to learn one of my favorite types of chords now — the power chord! There are many reasons I love power chords, and I’ve listed a couple key reasons below. Aside from power chords sounding sweet, they are easy to play because once you memorize the shape of a power chord, you can move ...