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Watch this video and more on Guitar Super System


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Chord Switching Practice

Beginners Corner • 5m 20s

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  • Essential Strumming Patterns

    Without a solid foundation of rhythm, music is not really music at all… it’s just noise. Developing a strong sense of internal rhythm starts with practicing simple patterns with a metronome. From there, you can either speed up or, what’s sometimes even harder, slow down the tempo. Pattern #1 will...

  • Power Chords!

    You’re going to learn one of my favorite types of chords now — the power chord! There are many reasons I love power chords, and I’ve listed a couple key reasons below. Aside from power chords sounding sweet, they are easy to play because once you memorize the shape of a power chord, you can move ...

  • Put It All Together

    We’re now nearing the end of the Beginner’s Corner. It’s sad, I know, but all good things must come to an end. The exciting thing is, this is really just the beginning for you! I highly encourage you to use the materials and video content in this particular area of Guitar Super System to go back ...