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Watch this video and more on Guitar Super System


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Where Guitar Tone Starts

The Guitar Gear Guide • 4m 58s

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  • Overdrive, Distortion, & Fuzz

    I’ll give you a wide scope of some different types of pedals that you can use for reference in your own quest for gear, while also relating key differences between these particular effects of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. When do you use which? When do you use them together? How do you set the...

  • Analog & Digital Delay

    Delay is a time-based effect that replicates your guitar signal and plays it back one or multiple times after a period of time. That period of time (often labeled as Time) and the number of times it’s played back (often labeled Repeats) depends on the delay pedal itself.

  • Reverb: The First Guitar Effect

    Reverb was actually the first effect in the guitar landscape, as it occurs naturally in the world. Eventually, guitar nerds decided to put this effect into a what would become a reverb tank that you’ll find in most Fender amps for example. This type of reverb is called Spring reverb, and unlike d...