You can find all downloadable resources at the end of each curriculum in Guitar Super System, or altogether for use outside the app at https://musiciswin.com/resources

Perform multiple tapping techniques like pick-tapping, tap-slides, gallop-tapping and more. You'll find a range of simple to advanced applications and understand how to create unique licks in the process.

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  • Introduction to Sweep Tapping

    Sweeping with few taps thrown in at the top of a phrase is perhaps the most complex and interesting guitar technique on the map. With your wrist resting lightly on the lower strings to mute them when not being played. Less movement up and down means more efficiency and less noise.
    A suggestion I...

  • Introduction to Tapping

    Tapping combines hammer-ons and pull-offs to create a very dynamic arpeggio effect which would otherwise be impossible to achieve with just the fret hand doing all the fretting work. Most guitarists tap using their middle (2nd) finger, because with the pick in your hand, you may need to quickly s...

  • The Pick Tapping Technique

    Harness one of the most aggressive sounds possible on a guitar. Inspired almost completely by one of my favorite guitarists, Joe Satriani, this technique is one you’ll pick up fast and have endless fun with.

  • Tapping Playing Examples

    Behold, four of my slickest tapping licks to get your creative juices flowing. The fun thing about tapping is that each hand can work on relatively simple movements, but when they combine their efforts, a truly awesome sound is produced.

  • The Tap-Slide Technique

    This one might cause a bit of pain on your tapping finger as you work up the technique, but fear not–pain is gain. The synchronization of the slides will make this type of motion a bit challenging to play in perfect rhythm at the start, but once you have it down, the licks you’ll craft will be am...

  • Gallop Tapping Technique

    To the non-shredder or non-metalhead, two-handed tapping, or “gallop tapping” as I like to call it, might seem like just another flashy technique not worth exploring. This couldn't be further from the truth! In this lesson, I show you how to get started with this technique through using simple fi...

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