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Introduction to Sweep Picking

Picking • 6m 42s

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  • Sweep Picking Exercises

    The fundamentals of sweep picking should be practiced slowly at first, but once you have the foundation, you'll see just how simple the movement is. These unique exercises will help you conquer sweep picking and incorporate it into your own playing, taking advantage of concepts that help to devel...

  • Sweep Picking Playing Example

    There are some solos that get overlooked because they're on an album with so many other great solos. I think think this is definitely the case being that Leper Messiah is on one of what I consider to be the top five metal albums of all time, Master of Puppets. This solo is tricky in that it has a...

  • Sweep Picking in Jazz

    Wait, wait, wait... isn't sweep picking only for shredding metal-heads? NO. In fact, you’ll also find a lesson on sweep picking blues in Guitar Super System. It's all about the execution and the attitude, man. Sweeping in a jazz context is not only fun, it's a great way to bolster your jazzy tone...