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18. Four Part Chord Sight Reading Exercise

Music Theory: Level 3 • 3m 27s

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  • This is Your Brain on Music Theory

    Take a glimpse inside my mind as I catapult from one place to the next, traversing the endless labyrinth of music theory in hopes of finding a truly unique end result. I love putting my own spin on chord progressions from popular songs, because while some music should be played note for note as a...

  • Arpeggiating Chords to Break Scale Boxes

    Working on sounding more musical with scales is an ongoing process, as it’s easy to get stuck in the habit of simply playing up and down various positions in a somewhat robotic fashion. While this is where everyone starts while learning to improvise, it isn’t where you have to remain. Arpeggiatin...

  • Blending Arpeggios and Scales

    To expand on the notion of arpeggiating the chord you’re playing over in order to implement arpeggio shapes into your guitar playing, this lesson is meant to show you specific examples of how you can combine arpeggios and scalar playing to express different musical ideas. No matter what genre you...