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Melodic Minor Scale Playing Examples

Music Theory: Level 2 • 3m 12s

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  • The Definitive Guide to Intervals

    Intervals in music are an essential foundation for understanding how to use various modal scales to your advantage. Knowing certain intervals can make certain sounds when played over certain chords will allow you to see the fretboard in a whole new way. With this knowledge, you can discover new w...

  • Melodic Minor "Home Riffs" Demonstration

    A "Home Riff" is a term I use to describe a riff you can use in any key, as long as you know what Mode you're playing in. In this example, I establish a Home Riff over the G Ionian b3 Mode, which I as a home base to return to between other melodic ideas.

  • Testing Your Triad Knowledge

    Being able to recall and identify Triads on any string set and from any inversion is an important exercise to do if you want to implement Triads in your improvisation. This lesson contains only closed voice triads, as opposed to closed and open triads, but this type of exercise is something I sti...