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Build the strength and accuracy necessary to perform diverse legato runs and patterns, from basic to complex fingerings aimed at building endurance and strengthening dexterity.

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  • Introduction to Legato

    Legato is a magical guitar technique that can transform your guitar playing and add new options to the licks you already know. While legato by itself can be powerful and addicting to use, I find the best use for legato is layering it in with various bends and alternate picking runs to enhance you...

  • Legato Technique Exercises

    Finger strength depends on dexterity and accuracy. Legato is highly contingent on excessive finger strength, as you’ll be relying almost entirely on your fretting hand, with minimal effort in the picking hand aside from taking care of string noise. Here are some exercises to get your fingers read...

  • Legato Playing Examples

    Legato combines hammer-ons and pull-offs to create a more fluid, smooth sound in your playing instead of picking every single note. It’s important to have a good understanding of the technique required to perform hammer-ons and pull-offs properly. These licks employ some ergonomically popular pos...

  • 5a.F-Lydian-Vamp.mp3

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  • Legato-Exercise-1-The-Blistering-Pentatonics.pdf

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  • Legato-Exercise-2-The-Jungle-Gym.pdf

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  • Legato-Exercise-3-The-Mountain-Climber.pdf

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  • Legato-Exercise-4-The-Teaser.pdf

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