Harmonics & Whammy Tricks

Harmonics & Whammy Tricks

You can find all downloadable resources at the end of each curriculum in Guitar Super System, or altogether for use outside the app at https://musiciswin.com/resources

Learn to manipulate the sonic atmosphere of music through natural, artificial, and pinch harmonics. Take it to the next level with your whammy bar, including some truly alien-like noises that would make Steve Vai proud.

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Harmonics & Whammy Tricks
  • Introduction to Pinch Harmonics

    I still remember the first time I played a pinch harmonic. It was an accident (the best ones usually are), and wasn't sure what I'd just done, but you better believe I kept playing until I figured out what the hell just came out of my guitar. This lesson will go over proper technique so you'll ne...

  • Whammy Bar Mechanics

    The electric guitar is the best instrument ever created. Not only because of how cool it can sound, but also because of its unmatched versatility.

    On top of the countless effects and stomp boxes we guitar players have at our disposal, there also are a few modifications that give us access to oth...

  • Natural and Artificial Harmonics

    While natural harmonics are relatively elementary for most guitar players, the real fun happens when you start experimenting with artificial harmonics. Natural harmonics occur, not surprisingly, naturally across the guitar neck due to specific distances between the headstock, bridge, and guitar n...

  • Introduction to Tap Harmonics

    Some of the most interesting, non-guitar sounds can happen when you play around with with tap harmonics. From koto-style asian sounds to expressive chordal overtones, harmonics can help your guitar transform into a mutant piano/harp fusion at will.

  • Introduction to Harp Harmonics

    As you’ll see with this very expressive Harp Harmonic technique, you’ll execute it by literally hovering over the string and plucking the same string with the thumb.

    So, while you’re not pushing on the fret itself but rather hovering over the fret with your finger lightly touching the string, yo...

  • 6 Slick Whammy Bar Tricks

    Enjoy the Angry Horse, the Desk Ruler, and more with these six slick whammy bar tricks. Now, some of these are a little weird. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should? Nah, definitely not. We should.