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Quarter-Bends & Slurs

Blues Guitar & Beyond • 6m 45s

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  • Blues Rhythm Using Triads

    Being able to outline chords in a blues progression using Triads is what separates the good guitarists from the great ones, and will also probably land you more gigs. With a bit of music theory, you can learn to insert Triad chord shapes in place of standard barre chords you may default to in ord...

  • The SRV Shuffle

    As you know, Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the best guitar players ever, especially when it comes to the blues. This unique shuffle pattern used frequently by SRV is a great tool to have at your disposal and, in my opinion, required learning for any guitar player.

  • Getting an Outside Sound in Blues

    There's a certain tonality guitar players are constantly becoming trapped in, and whether you love or hate the minor pentatonic sound, you cannot deny its influence on all of us. Little may some of you know, however, that breaking out of that sonic landscape is easier than you think. Sometimes, a...