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Minor Pentatonic Scale 2 Notes, 2 Strings Exercise

Blues Guitar & Beyond • 3m 11s

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  • Sweet Spots of the Minor Pentatonic S...

    In any scale, you’ll have a tendency to gravitate to certain comfortable positions on the guitar neck, and the positions of the Minor Pentatonic Scale contain plenty of such areas. I’ll detail a couple of my favorite “sweet spots” of the Minor Pentatonic Scale to give you a framework for building...

  • Home Riffs in the Pentatonic Scale

    Expanding on the concept of scale position sweet spots, this lesson will teach you some fundamental blues licks that you can expand on in your own way or use verbatim. These licks always sound great and will serve you well as you continue to develop your improvisation chops and blues vocabulary.

  • Quick Blues Licks to Steal

    As you’ll gather, a lot of original blues guitar playing is rooted in a sound nearly every guitar player works with in the pentatonic scale, so learning nuance and dynamic expression is essential to develop your own sound. These quick licks are some of my go-to moves for blues, and they can be yo...