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11 Minor Pentatonic Scale Improvisation

Blues Guitar & Beyond • 1m 25s

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  • Major Pentatonic Blues Improvisation ...

    You’ll learn methods to blend seamlessly between both Minor and Major Pentatonic tonalities as you become more comfortable with the scale positions and your ear training continues to develop. In a situation like this, you’ll see when I choose to dive out of the Major color and dip into the Minor ...

  • The Modal Blues of Mixolydian

    Mixolydian is a great scale to use in a major blues context. It'll give your blues licks a jazzier, richer melodic voice around dominant 7th chords. You can use it in combination with the more signature sounds of the Pentatonic Scales, and you’ll see how the extra notes included in Mixolydian off...

  • The Modal Blues of Dorian

    Much like the Mixolydian lesson, I think the best way to learn modes is to play chord vamps that capture the true sound of the mode. Each mode has a sound and when you think of the mode you need to think of the sound that it creates when you use it. This is as far into music theory as we’ll get i...