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Understanding the Triad Study Materials

Music Theory: Level 1 • 2m 34s

Up Next in Music Theory: Level 1

  • Constructing a Minor Triad

    An often overlooked piece of awesomeness by many guitar players, Triads will take your playing to the next level. Learn how to construct a Major Triad and its inversions, plus how to apply these shapes to your playing over chord changes as well as improvising. In this lesson, you’ll learn what m...

  • Constructing an Augmented Triad

    Learn to construct the very mysterious sounding Augmented Triad. The great thing is, these shapes remain the same all the way up the neck, so you only have to learn one shape per string set. For once, there ARE shortcuts!

  • Constructing a Diminished Triad

    Learn about the ominous sounding Diminished Triad and its inversions. It might sound strange by itself, but these Triads build unique tension in your playing when used correctly.