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Understanding the Purpose of Chords

Music Theory: Level 1 • 1m 40s

Up Next in Music Theory: Level 1

  • The Chord that Changes Everything

    If you're searching for a solution to enhance an otherwise bland chord progression, look no further than the minor-IV chord. Set in the context of the diatonic chords of the Major Scale, this departure from the “rules” of the scale chords can be highly effective in conveying a certain mood. There...

  • The Circle of Fifths

    The circle of fifths is a helpful system of understanding the natural connections within the music we hear. It’s a great visual that can help us to learn about and memorize key signatures. Thinking about how many flats and sharps there are in various key signatures can be intimidating, but the ci...

  • Introduction to Arpeggios with Playin...

    Arpeggios are, essentially, chords that are broken out into single note patterns. For example, instead of playing a four note C Major 7 (C, E, G, B) chord where you strum all the notes at once, a C Major 7 arpeggio would have you play C, E, G, B as single notes in a four note pattern. Arpeggios a...