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Improvising Using Major and Minor Triads

Music Theory: Level 1 • 2m 13s

Up Next in Music Theory: Level 1

  • Improvising Using Major, Augmented, a...

    Learn to make those strange sounding Augmented and Diminished Triads spice up an otherwise typical blues track. Be sure to download this track and use Bb Major, Eb Major, and F Major Triads over their respective chords. You can use F Augmented and F Diminished Triads over the F Major Chord as wel...

  • Understanding the Purpose of Chords

    Depending on the number of intervals, chords can be defined in different ways, be it diads (two-note chords), triads (three-note-chords containing a root, third, and fifth) or, like we’ll learn in this lesson, four-part chords. These types of chords can be constructed in countless different ways,...

  • The Chord that Changes Everything

    If you're searching for a solution to enhance an otherwise bland chord progression, look no further than the minor-IV chord. Set in the context of the diatonic chords of the Major Scale, this departure from the “rules” of the scale chords can be highly effective in conveying a certain mood. There...