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Note Recognition and Notes of the Neck

Music Theory: The Basics • 3m 46s

Up Next in Music Theory: The Basics

  • Introduction to Intervals

    An interval is a distance between two notes. There are several different intervals. We measure these intervals by the number of half steps, whole steps, and their position in the scale.

    You’ll begin to understand this just like you would when learning to speak a new language, so don’t worry abo...

  • The B-C & E-F Rule

    This fundamental is a little strange, but it’s actually very simple to memorize. The B-C & E-F rule states that every note in the natural musical alphabet EXCEPT for B & C and E & F have a whole-step between them. This means that B & C and E & F only have a half-step between t...

  • The Fundamentals of Chord Construction

    A chord is a combination of two or more notes played at the same time. They’re built on a single starting note called the root. You can create chords from all twelve notes. There are also four basic types of chords in music. For an example, we’ll use G as our root to demonstrate each type of chor...