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Introduction to Intervals

Music Theory: The Basics • 2m 9s

Up Next in Music Theory: The Basics

  • The B-C & E-F Rule

    This fundamental is a little strange, but it’s actually very simple to memorize. The B-C & E-F rule states that every note in the natural musical alphabet EXCEPT for B & C and E & F have a whole-step between them. This means that B & C and E & F only have a half-step between t...

  • The Fundamentals of Chord Construction

    A chord is a combination of two or more notes played at the same time. They’re built on a single starting note called the root. You can create chords from all twelve notes. There are also four basic types of chords in music. For an example, we’ll use G as our root to demonstrate each type of chor...

  • Where Scales Fit In

    A musical scale is a set of notes within an octave arranged by their pitch. The ascending or descending interval relationships among the note pitches define every scale.

    Musical modes are scales derived from a parent scale, in this case, the Major Scale. Each mode is a slight variation of a scal...